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Commercial Liability Insurance

Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial Liability Insurance

Every business in the DFW area needs some form of commercial liability insurance. Even home-based businesses should carry a general liability policy to protect against the day-to-day risk of doing business. Larger businesses, from mom-and-pop diners to multi-billion-dollar corporations face even greater risks. The risk-management experts at Bankhead Insurance Agency can help you and your business prepare for the future with commercial liability packages tailored to meet your specific needs.

General Liability

General liability insurance has often been called “slip-and-fall insurance.” This coverage protects businesses from liability risks, including the injury of a guest on commercial property. In addition to personal injury liability, general liability coverage also protects against other risks associated with day-to-day business. Through our extensive network of insurance providers, Bankhead Insurance Agency offers basic policies for direct-sales businesses and other home-based operations. We also offer tailored general liability policies for specific industries such as general contracting, restaurants and food service, and beauty salons.

Other Commercial Liability Options

Both for-profit and non-profit organizations face a number of risks. Bankhead Insurance Agency works with a wide range of companies and foundations to provide important liability protection. Some of our most popular commercial liability policies include

  • Directors and officers (D&O) liability to protect against misstatements or wrongdoing on the part of board members or officers within a corporation or of a non-profit organization
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) to protect an organization in the event of a sexual harassment suit or a lawsuit concerning any employment-related practices
  • Errors and omissions (professional liability) insurance for certified and/or licensed professionals to help in the event that an error or neglect results in harm to another person or entity

Life is full of risks. Unfortunately, Bankhead Insurance Agency can’t keep your company from facing the risks of doing business. We can, however, help you prepare for many common risks. Let us handle your liability insurance so you can focus on doing the business you know best.