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Renters Insurance

from Bankhead Insurance Agency

Dallas-Fort Worth Renters Insurance

Whether or not your landlord requires you to carry renters insurance, it’s a good idea to have one. You keep a lot of stuff in the home you rent. Your clothing, furniture, sports equipment, collectibles and other possessions would cost a lot to replace in the event of a fire or other disaster. Bankhead Insurance Agency can help protect you against many of these losses with an affordable renters policy.

Protection for You and Your Belongings

Renters insurance protects you and your family as well as your belongings. Most renters policies include liability insurance for you and family living with you. In the event that you are held liable for harm to another individual or certain property damage, your renters policy can provide assistance. You may even receive legal defense through your policy.

Customizable Renters Insurance Policies

At Bankhead Insurance Agency, we understand that no two renters are exactly alike. We’ll work to help you determine the right coverage for yourself and the belongings you keep in the home you rent. Because circumstances change, we also recommend coming to us for regular policy reviews. Many times, we can help existing customers save money. Other times, we help existing customers close potentially costly coverage gaps.

In addition to standard renters policies, we offer

  • Scheduled personal property riders for musical instruments, electronic equipment, antiques, collectibles and other high-ticket items
  • Personal umbrella policies to provide added protection beyond the usual insurance limits

Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home, moving to a new rental home or getting started in a new city, Bankhead Insurance Agency has a renters insurance policy to fit your needs. Get your free online quote today. To learn more, call us during regular business hours. We look forward to helping you protect the things that matter most.