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Condo Insurance

from Bankhead Insurance Agency

Dallas-Fort Worth Condo Insurance

Homeowners who live in condos have a different set of needs than those who own houses. You live in a building owned by someone else, but you personally own a portion of that building. Whether you are a longtime condo owner in need of a rate review or simply want to understand the complexities of condo insurance and ownership, Bankhead Insurance Agency can help.

Insuring Your Condo

While those who own houses need to insure an entire building, condo owners are only responsible for everything from the drywall in. Other condo owners in your building are responsible for their own condos, and the property manager or building owner is responsible for things such as common areas and the overall structural integrity of your building. Naturally, there are a few “gray areas” for condo owners, and the best answers will come from your condo association, which can help you determine what coverage you need. As always, the friendly agents at Bankhead Insurance Agency are also here to help.

The Condo Insurance You Need

Bankhead Insurance Agency believes in providing the best in personalized customer service. We get to know each of our condo insurance customers, and we’ll help you determine what coverage best suits your needs. We’ll even help you decipher your condo association agreement. Because condo owners often provide their own upgrades to the interior of a home, your policy should cover customized features such as cabinetry or flooring. Additionally, most condo owners insurance offers

  • Belongings coverage for personal items lost, stolen or damaged in a covered event
  • Medical payments coverage in the event that a guest is injured in your home
  • Personal liability coverage for you and family living with you
  • Additional living expenses in the event that a covered disaster leaves your condo uninhabitable

At Bankhead Insurance Agency, we work hard to protect all our customers. Click here to get your free condo insurance quote today.