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Dwelling Fire Insurance

Dallas-Fort Worth Dwelling Fire Insurance

You know you need home insurance, but you might not need a full homeowners policy. While standard homeowners insurance is right for many of our customers, Bankhead Insurance Agency realizes that some customers need a slimmed-down policy option. That’s why we partner with our network of insurance carriers to offer affordable dwelling fire insurance. This coverage protects property owners against common risks at generally lower premium rates.

Included Coverage

Don’t let the name fool you. Dwelling fire insurance covers more than fire-related damage to an insured dwelling. Like standard homeowners insurance, most of these policies will protect against fires, explosions and vandalism. However, dwelling fire coverage offers more narrow protection. While typical home insurance policies cover all but a list of exclusions, dwelling fire covers only a specific list of hazards.

Candidates for Dwelling Fire Insurance

The insurance professionals at Bankhead Insurance Agency can help you determine if dwelling fire coverage is the right option for you. This money-saving home coverage is often ideal for

  • Landlords seeking to insure a building, especially a vacant property
  • Owners of homes that are under construction
  • Owners of vacant homes
  • Owners of homes not occupied full time
  • Homeowners whose primary dwellings have a low cash value
  • Homeowners with ornate exteriors on their homes or historic homes with high traditional home insurance quotes

At Bankhead Insurance Agency, we understand that a single insurance policy doesn’t fit every homeowner. Whether you need a dwelling fire policy or more extensive homeowners insurance, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about available insurance options. We’ll take the time to get to know you and learn about your current insurance needs. Then we’ll make recommendations based on that information and our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. Let us help you affordably protect the things that matter most.